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Last Updated: Aug 13, 2013 10:52PM PDT

The SkyRocket Rewards platform provides the functionality for your apps to display incentivized advertising which reward virtual currency for completing an action. SkyRocket Rewards allows you to mediate between your own House offers, Directly sold offers and Third-Party networks in order to maximize revenue opportunities.

SkyRocket Rewards Placements
SkyRocket Rewards placements are generally divided into three categories:
  • Entry Point Banners (320x50)
  • Offer Pages (Full Screen)
  • Offer Walls (Full Screen)
Rewards Banners and Pages behave like traditional banners and interstitials: Tapping a Banner will show a full screen Offer Page, or you can trigger an Offer Page directly as an interstitial. You can even mix incentivized and traditional advertisements within the same zones!

The Offer Wall is a full screen experience that provides the opportunity to present the user with a host of offers. Generally, whenever the user has an option to buy or spend virtual currency in your app, you should give them the option to earn currency by displaying a Wall. This allows you to earn revenue from users who would otherwise be unable or unwilling to make purchases. The Offer Wall is presented and controlled much like a traditional interstitial.


Rewards Banner Entry Point

Rewards Offer Wall

Rewards Interstitial Offer Page



The SkyRocket Rewards offering supports several customization options to allow you to make your rewards match the look and feel of your game. This provides a better user experience which feels more tightly integrated with your title. View the full customization options documentation here.


There are two components to integrating SkyRocket Rewards into your apps:

  • Showing offers to a user.  
  • Managing the user's virtual currency.


Displaying Rewards Offers

If you have already integrated the SkyRocket SDK into your title, the code to display a offer wall is the same as displaying any SkyRocket interstitial. Rewards banner entry points and offer pages can be run in your already existing zones. 

If you have never integrated the SkyRocket SDK, these quick walkthroughs will give you an understanding of what steps are involved in integrating banners and/or interstitials: iOS / Android.

The full SkyRocket iOS SDK and SkyRocket Android SDK integration documentation are the best source of additional information on displaying ads.

NOTE - You will not see any rewards banner entry points or offer pages if you have not initialized the Currency Manager. Likewise, your offer wall will not contain any offers if you have not initialized the Currency Manager.


Currency Management

The second piece of the SkyRocket Rewards platform is currency management. When a user goes through the action required of an incentivized ad, the user will be awarded virtual currency. The SkyRocket Currency Manager takes care of managing your virtual currency balance and awarding you for converting incentivized ads. We also offer the option for server to server currency. View the iOS Currency Management Docs here and the Android Currency Management Docs here.


Set Up Your First Offer - Web Management

Once you have finished integrating for Rewards, you are ready to configure Rewards in your app, set up your first Offer, and set up Entry Points. To help you with the initial setup process, we have created a Reward Setup Guide for the Web Management tool.

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